Starting fresh

Trying to figure out how to start a blog, is almost as daunting starting a new job especially my first job ever. Starting a new job can be stressful trying to find out how you fit into, the workspace and the people you work with. As well as understanding the dynamic of your workplace. But all this means that if you can succeed it is through perseverance and determination.

However, life is a series of challenges, that you must adapt to and overcome. So, just because there are challenges doesn’t mean that you must undertake them alone. Asking for help can show that you understand your own shortcomings. The same applies when starting a new job, because when you receive feedback from your colleagues it can help you learn, grow, and become more accustomed to your new situation.

So, starting a new job put simply it is a learning experience, you learn from the mistakes you make along the way. And learning from the successes you achieve as you progress. But the most crucial part to this learning experience is feedback both positive and negative. As positive feedback reassures us as to how well things have gone and can make you feel good about the work you have done.

However, even though negative feedback can be a little tricky given that no one really wants negative feedback. As it brings all the mistakes we’ve made to the forefront. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because this gives us a starting point for our growth and helps to kindle our drive to succeed and do better. So only through failure can we achieve an even greater success.

There’s a quote I like for this kind of situation that I kept hearing from my grandpa when I was younger “Adapt and overcome” I never knew where it came from, and I don’t think I want to as it grants it a certain mysticism for me. Giving it more power but it does push me to do things I’m unsure of and to, try and succeed in any situation. The reason I find this phrase so reassuring is it means to adapt to the situation, to understand the problem, and to overcome the issues it presents, sometimes this can be hard, stressful, or even exhausting to the point of wishing that you could give up, but it brings up a stubbornness to fight till the end and to hopefully succeed at the task.

But it means once the task is done it is all the more rewarding as it shows that the difficulties that you faced are things that you’ve overcome. Be that alone or with the help of others it doesn’t matter. The part that does matter is being told that you did a great job and that is needed when the task was difficult for you, but this may not be the case as you may not get any feedback at all, or only negative feedback. So, I think I’m quite lucky with my first job as I receive plenty of feedback on my work not all good, but it helps me understand what I’ve been doing and to learn from the experience I’ve gained along the way.

For example, for me I was unsure how I would feel about working from home, as I had only been in education which is different from work but more akin to a job than working from home so the adjustment was a little difficult but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy working from home. In fact, I find it great as it gives me the greatest control over my workspace. I chose this as an example from my perspective as many people have been put in a similar situation recently due to Covid and having to change from working in an office to working from home.

So, to sum up starting a new job or even your first job is quite simple, all you need to do is find the right perspective. Don’t get too hung up on the mistakes you make along the way. View them as steps towards your goal. Look at the whole thing as a learning experience and that way you’ll continue to grow throughout your time there.

Blog author: Callum Mills, Psychology Administration Assistant at Zest Psychology

Callum joined Zest Psychology in September 2021.

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