Research and evidence is at the heart of everything we do at Zest Psychology. We know that this creates sound solutions for our clients. We also love doing research on behalf of our clients to ensure their decisions, ways of working and culture are evidence based.


Research paints a picture to help you see what’s happening in, and outside of your organisation. Understanding people and processes means effective decisions can be made and meaningful change can follow.

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Happy clients

“I have found our sessions inspiring and supportive, and I am now far more certain about how I am approaching both my career and complex work challenges.”

“I have worked with Dr Anna Kane for the past year and a half. What started as a small coaching relationship with a group of leaders soon quickly turned into a large culture change project in the Civil Service affecting some 10,000 people. This culture change project had fundamentally changed relationships between leaders and colleagues, leading to more confident leadership decision being taken and empathetic outcomes. It is a massive thanks to Anna that we have got to this point. ”

“A big THANK YOU for your presentation at last week’s masterclass. We are really grateful for your support and for the time your took to share your insights. Feedback from the team was this this was one of the best masterclasses we have hosted that that the content of the speaker sessions was rich, accessible, and really valuable for our Consortium members and for our team.”

“A massive THANK YOU for all of your help, encouragement and guidance. You are without a doubt one of the most impressive and inspiring professionals I have ever met. What you’re doing is fantastic and I’m very grateful.”

“Thank you for your time, patience, understanding and fresh perspective.”

“I have had coaching from Anna for over two years now to help me make the most of the biggest job in my career. Her insight and patient guidance helped bring out the very best in me”

“Brilliant. She challenged me but was also supportive and compassionate and mindful herself which created a great atmosphere. Huge thanks - Anna made a real and positive difference to my performance and development.”

“I was wonderfully surprised by how well it did work online. Having attended mindfulness courses in the past (physically present groups!) I had wondered whether being through zoom it might feel rather sterile. Actually, for me, it was far from that. And, in some ways, being together yet removed from each other somehow allowed everybody to participate equally.”

“Coaching helped me to think about aspects I had not previously taken the time to think about properly.”

“Initially, I was uncertain about how the coaching sessions would go and if they would be beneficial. I'm so glad I was able to undertake them, I've really gained a lot from them.”

“Anna has a wonderfully insightful, supportive and challenging style - this helped me to make the most of our time.”

“We created a safe space to talk. Anna listened effectively, but also offered reassurance and appropriate challenge to my thinking. ”

“Anna skilfully combines an intuition for the underlying issues with an evidence-based framework for working through them. She is compassionate and unjudgmental. I very much enjoyed working with her, and learned new tactics and a great deal about myself in the process.”

“So many people experience stress and anxiety as a norm, especially at the moment. Mindfulness is a brilliant tool for breaking the pattern and connecting with a deeper calm and stability.”

“Really personable, easy style. Tailored the sessions to me. Didn't use lots of coaching style lingo and great that she was a really active participant. Unlike other coaching sessions where you can feel like you are talking to yourself. Her confidence model is excellent.”

“This course came at a very good time for me and felt enriching and restorative.”

“I like to think I usually listen to others, but practising mindfulness seems to increase the listening capacity and help increase focus. These will both be important aspects of my work in the coming months.”

“I really liked Anna as a coach. She was challenging when I needed her to be. I was initially uncertain as I wasn't sure how the sessions would build on each other, but I felt that by the end of the sessions I had built a really good rapport with Anna and I felt less self conscious and free to be able to say what I needed to and ask for help where I didn't understand certain things.”

“Anna was really patient and encouraging and I liked her calm and methodical approach. She's also clearly very knowledgeable and I was able to learn a lot from the sessions with her.”

“One of the best courses I have ever experienced, it has improved my mental health and taught me how to meditate, finally it all makes sense! Inspirational and life changing!”

“A much more positive experience than with my previous coach. The conversation felt normal and easy. Anna made sure that I was fully involved in identifying how I might do things differently rather than simply bringing external answers.”

“The best course I have ever participated in! Very grateful for the opportunity”

“Anna made the session easily accessible to me via zoom In light of Covid, at short notice before my interview which was really beneficial for me. Thank you for sharing your model with me. It was really helpful and I will be using those skills for future interviews. Ps, I got the job!”

“Thanks, Anna - I really enjoyed them and found them really beneficial. I only wish I could have more!”

“Initially, I was apprehensive about taking 2 hours out of my week to do it but soon found that it became a very important part of my week that I looked forward to. I thought Anna who ran the course was excellent and managed to create a very warm, open and safe space.”

“Just thank you!”

“Anna was an excellent facilitator. She gently made clear the boundaries; included everybody; and ensured that everybody felt safe and did not push themselves beyond what felt comfortable. She was a calm presence on the screen! And it also helped greatly that she was willing to share - but never overshare - her own emotional responses to some situations. A big thank you!”

“I wish I'd used a reputable coach before now”

“I shall miss our group and Tuesday morning meetings. It was a very special group during an exceptional time in history and it will stay with me for a very, very long time. Thank you, Anna.”

“ A very positive experience. I think we made good use of the time and the coaching is already having a beneficial effect.”

“Very positive feedback on Anna as a coach. I felt that she listened, empathised, but was also able to gently direct and lead my thinking. I always finished the sessions feeling more positive about my work and career.”

“Anna is an inspirational coach who has developed a tool for managers to help themselves build their confidence, naturally. I recommend it any leader out there who is interested in better managing their own performance.”

“She was good at helping me to find my blind spots, to see new angles to tackling issues, and overcoming some 'demons' from the past that have held me back at work.”

“Really easy to talk to. She's very responsive and is keen to not take a cookie cutter approach - instead being responsive to emerging needs. Also her experience of working with more senior levels offered a new lens (and use of language) through which I viewed my own development”

“I worked through self-belief/confidence issues, and feel much "lighter"... a much healthier perspective and the confidence to lead by example with my teams. I now feel more proportionately responsible for things (as opposed to responsible for everything!)… more resilience and energy… more productive and empowered… and a much better-balanced home, work and social life.”

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