Tell us a fairy tale!

26th February is observed as Tell a Fairy Tale Day. This day encourages everyone around the world to celebrate the event by narrating, reading, or listening to a fairy-tale. Let me tell you a bit about what I think about this day.

I never knew that there was something like a fairy-tale day. The first time I read it I had a smile on my face and said ‘Ooooo’. I had a smile on my face because the first thing I thought about was how in every fairy tale there is a start to it, a problem arises and then there is a happy ending. Not to forget the belief or optimism that at least one character has about everything ending well and finally it does, there is a happily ever after. The chapters of my life have been the same. I have had a problem that arises and am normally the one who is optimistic about it all ending well. Even when things go downhill for a long time I believe that it is only for the best.

Every fairy tale’s purpose is to have a moral, there are dilemmas where the character has to choose between right and wrong, truth and lies, etc. So are our lives and sometimes when we learn from other people’s mistakes. I am someone who observers and wants to learn from most situations that arise. That’s how I learn, and those dilemmas and situations are my short fairy-tales, serving a purpose.

As the years have passed there have been different perspectives to a fairy-tale as well. For example, the women taking on lead characters and the introduction of people of different colours, cultures, and nationalities. It’s interesting to see how the fairy tales must adapt to the changing times so that the readers can relate to it and learn from what is going on. The fairy tales must be authentic, engaging and relatable for the audience to immerse themselves in it and fulfil the purpose of the fairy tales – that is to understand the moral and always have faith in your right actions.

My consistent belief and desire across all my dilemmas (or fairy tales) is that whatever is happening is for the best and by the end of it me and those involved will be healthier, happier and stronger for the next fairy tale.

And I wish the same for you, may you have a happily ever after kind of day, month and year 🙂

Blog Author: Kamand Faramarzi Far, Zest Psychology Intern

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