Finally, an adult ...maybe!

I remember when I was a kid, I used to always think how great it would feel to be an adult. You have your own house, your car and most importantly no one really dictates what you do.

Well, not reaching that stage completely but still understanding the ways how adults seem to live. It is not all happy and autonomous days where you don’t need to think about anything before taking any decision. Moreover, it is completely opposite. I have been thinking about a job, a career a fulfilling one that I always wished for, being with my friends and family and while I do have autonomy on so many things that I do, I still find myself struggling through some of the days.

I must acknowledge gratefully that I have been privileged with a good family and health, with great opportunities, and an amazing group of people that I have grown with and still growing with. But I still feel that some days could be harder than others even after having all these things. I realized one point from a whole load of other factors which is if you are struggling to find peace in yourself and what you wish to accomplish, everything seems a little stale and slow.

I think saying this is fairly easier than actually changing it because while I easily type it down here, I know how gruelling some days become for me. Expectations and advice from each other and ourselves to heal instantly and feel positive in a flash is unrealistic and demanding and I would not give here a list of what you should do, because it is for yourself. Everything that we decide to do for our wellbeing needs to suit us and no one else. That is why I would end by saying that while life phases might sometimes feel painful and strenuous, taking care of ourselves consciously in the ways that fit us could aid in dealing with these stages better. Moreover, I feel that getting support from people you trust and professionals who could help you identify these ways could turn out to be favourable.

So, try asking for help and care from the resources who can provide it while also trying to be that for yourself and someone else. Maybe, dealing with the process could end up a bit more bearable.


Akanksha Sharma, the blog author, is currently an intern at Zest Psychology, she is also studying her MSc in Work and Occupational Psychology at the University of Nottingham.


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