Authentic Confidence Coaching

In an organisation where confidence is a critical skill, Simon needed support. He was happily married to his partner Matthew of 20 years, but working abroad in a country where same sex relationships weren’t fully and openly accepted. His leadership role meant he was regularly attending high profile events with other important international leaders and often spoke in French on TV. He led a large team in the office.

Simon was very competent and well respected by many. However, inwardly, his self-confidence was crushed. He had failed an internal promotion process and was in an unfortunate road accident. He hit difficult times.

His pathway was recovery followed by personal growth. Simon set goals with his coach. They talked issues through. Simon practiced mindfulness and self-compassion, alongside meeting the development tasks agreed regularly along the way.

Success as a Senior Civil Servant

  • Simon was successfully promoted twice since his coaching
  • HR highly commended his learning journey to becoming a senior leader
  • His confidence grew, and has sustained over time

“The coaching really helped me evaluate my career, where I wanted to go next, and how to get there. This had a transformative effect on my self-confidence.”

(Some details have been changed for confidentiality purposes)

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