Leading with Confidence

A two and half year cultural change programme started out with Executive Team coaching. Three team sessions and 1:1 coaching for everyone laid the foundations, and they were able to set two clear organisational goals.

The organisation had seen a lot of growth – recruiting 1000’s of new staff to support an increase in workload as a result of the impact of Covid19.

One of their goals was internally focused; they wanted to develop a cadre of authentically confident leaders across the organisation. The subsequent phases of the change programme were two staggered year long programmes for 150 and 1600 leaders respectively. The final phase alone constituted 23,400 hours of learning. A blended delivery meant participants engaged through in-person events, online events, action learning sets, and the Authentic Confidence Hub

Authentically Confident Leaders

  • As with most cultural change programmes, there were initial pockets of resistance.
  • Our agile approach enabled us to respond and adapt to regular feedback.
  • Engagement grew, and senior leaders have identified significant positive changes.

“I am very proud of the work we have done together on the Leading with Confidence programmes, we are reaping the benefits of it already and this will only grow going forward.” Director

(Some details have been withheld for confidentiality purposes)

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