Multi-group Facilitation

A local authority project manager’s idea was to create a collaborative group of representatives for a major project for the city, by soliciting wide and varied perspectives to work alongside the development of the project approach and implementation.

The project manager saw value in engaging local businesses, conservation groups, residents and events organisers. She understood their knowledge, influence and energy would be a positive force for change if empowered to co-create rather than ‘react’ to a pre-determined project approach.

We held a series of collaborative meetings with the interest groups. Through the series of managed and facilitated steps, a guest list which started at circa 100 became one where category areas were agreed by a wider group and representatives were nominated.   They stepped up to join an advisory panel involved in discussions, information sharing and work to steer the project.

A healthy path of engagement

  • A group of engaged representatives were nominated
  • The group agreed on shared objectives and ways of working
  • The facilitation process enabled moving towards greater self-sufficiency

“You got us started on a healthy path of engagement.  We needed the external, non-partisan facilitation you brought to the mix.

It really helped that you weren’t at all ‘local authority’ so you could come at it from a fresh perspective.  I found it very helpful to bounce thoughts and ideas off you – no judgement, no shame and a curious, helpful facilitation approach.”

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